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After almost 3 years, working tirelessly in the studio and playing hundreds of gigs to support it, I’m excited to say that my new album is complete. I’m anxious to share these songs and hit the road to promote them!

I’m going to be releasing this album a little differently than the current norm. Why? Because of the way everyone listens to music these days. It’s kind of a ‘Singles’ world and we tend to move on to the next song and the next artist quickly. However, for those of us who still like the album concept and want a CD in hand, I have something special for you.

I’ll be releasing a new song every month on the last Friday starting March 29th until each of the songs have been released. Leading up to each songs release you’ll be able to pre-save the song on Spotify, Apple Music, etc… so that the day it comes out it will automatically be in your library. 

For those of us who don’t like to wait and you want the album ASAP you can pre-order now and get a signed copy of the CD/DOWNLOAD from my website. The last day for Pre-Orders will be May 11th.


First of all, I’m completely in love with how these songs turned out.

When I first embarked on this journey I was desperate to grasp onto something to pull myself out of a hole. I was in the middle of fighting for my marriage, battling addiction, and beating myself up wondering why nothing in life could go my way. The songs on this album are relational in nature and come from a place of frustration and self-reflection.


I wanted to work and collaborate with new people, in new places, that would challenge me.

I found a promising new producer and we got together with some of the best players in Nashville. I stayed true to myself and to these songs. No fluff, no BS, just hard work doing what was best to serve the music.

When it came to tracking the vocals, I struggled with anxiety. I wanted it perfect. After throwing most of what we’d tracked, vocally, away I had to take a break. I went back to Birmingham, my hometown, to hang with a close friend and vocal producer. With some reverse psychology on his part, a few late nights, and some elbow grease we got’er done!

Recording this album has been exciting and I’ve enjoyed it. It has also been really hard. It’s forced me to be myself in ways that I’ve always been uncomfortable with. The past 2 or 3 years have been life-changing, musically and personally. It took taking up a responsibility within myself and waiting on God to do His thing. It’s been brutal, yet exactly what I’ve needed to grow the ‘@#%&’ up. With that said, “Sooner or later, whatever ‘IT’ is, it’s going to…so let it!”

P.S. Giant-sized thanks to the following people who’ve helped me get this album off the ground and for their continued support: My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Josh Bright, Eric Watters, Paul Warner, Trey Bonner, Grayson Cain, Jacob Robertson, Kevin Maxwell, Rob Avram, Murph, Krista Lynn Meadow, Gina Childers and her team at Invision Enterprises, Trey Lewis for reminding me I’m not in control, Claire Bear, Melissa Byars, and my girl Tiia for showing me that a person can love again.  —– and a special thanks to Amanda Tibbs (MOMS) and Dana DeCarlo for you know what. Big Hugs!