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My Story

My name is Erath Old – (pronounced Air-Rith) It’s a family name!

I grew up in Hueytown, Alabama, a small blue-collar town with a big heart for NASCAR. Although I was surrounded by racing, music became my passion. Both my mother and grandmothers played piano in church, and my father pursued a career as a professional musician for a while. Many of my earliest musical influences came from watching him perform with his band and participating in our family jam sessions in the living room. Early on, I gravitated toward country artists like Black Hawk and Garth Brooks, while my dad turned me onto CCR and John Cougar Mellencamp. By freshman year, I found myself increasingly drawn to rock music. All the cool kids were into it and shredding a guitar was life to me at the time, haha…

After graduating high school, I played with several bands that I was proud to be a part of, including Red Halo, where I gained most of my early touring experience. We had the opportunity to open for bands like Seether, The Killers, Trapt, Crossfade, Taproot, Chevelle, and the list continues. Eventually, I got the bug to be a frontman and explore my own musical path. This led me to move to Atlanta with my brother Sean, where we started the power-pop band Loverush, drawing inspiration from artists like Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, and Cheap Trick. You could’ve easily found us on a Warped Tour flyer or alongside All American Rejects, Panic at the Disco, or Fall Out Boy… You get the idea!

However, the story I’m about to share takes a different turn. It’s the story of how everything came crashing down in 2009. First, we lost our grandparents, and then just a few months later, our father passed away. It was a devastating blow. Sean, my brother, made the decision to move 3000 miles away and join the military and at no fault of his I was left in my own grief trying to figure things out. My music career took a nosedive as I fell into a deep, dark depression. Trying to cope, I turned to drinking and other fashionable party favors, which I was no stranger to, ultimately spiraling into addiction. To outsiders, it might have seemed like I was just another guy who partied too hard on the weekends and needed to grow up, but beneath the surface, I was drowning in pain and self-doubt. I felt unworthy of everything I had worked for, and with my world crumbling around me, I was lost and utterly alone.

In 2012, we moved back to Birmingham, AL. I was close to home again and was able to, as they say, “Get back in touch with my roots”. And I did, things went well for a while. I threw myself into writing and learning all I could about the craft. I also found myself learning how to make a living in music and performing covers for the first time. Who knew playing other people’s music would be a platform for finding my way back to what I love?

However, the booze, the partying, the late nights, even the pride and selfishness that grew inside got the best of me and, therefore, my relationship. At the time of releasing, “Hey Y’all” in 2015, my first single and music video as a returning original artist, my wife left. I was on the road and we separated. I came home to an empty apartment, bringing me full circle back to that dark depression I thought I had gotten over. I ultimately fell deeper into my lifestyle and the depression returned with a vengeance determined to take me out. One morning, ending a four-day binge, I woke up in my own vomit, on some cold bathroom floor. I stumbled toward the front door of that 24-hour bar, passing the bartender and the cleaning crew who were mopping up. I remember thinking, “what time is it?”, because the place was empty and smelled like Fabuloso. Stepping outside, the hot sun instantly hit my face, and I realized the day was in full swing, with cars zooming by on the busy street in front of me. To be honest, I was lucky to be alive and I don’t recall how I made it home. I do remember what came next though…

After a few days of rest and feeding myself back to health I broke down and I finally asked for help. Tired of trying, tired of pushing, tired of losing it all to a dream; motivated by my own ego, I got down on my knees and gave it all to God.

It started with giving up my obsession with alcohol. On my road to recovery, God has renewed my mind and my spirit. He has rejuvenated my sense of self-worth. A lot has changed after eight years of sobriety. During that time, I moved to Nashville, surrounded myself with good people, put out an album, and toured the country. Even better, I found love again and started a family with Tiia. In November of 2023, we welcomed Lilah, our baby girl, into the world.

In the past few years, I’ve immersed myself in my craft, diving into intense co-writing sessions and working closely with my partner in crime, friend, and producer, Corey Lawson. Together, we’ve poured our hearts into the studio, refining our process and making magic. Looking forward to 2024, I’m thrilled to announce that you can anticipate nearly 30 releases from us. From brand new fully produced originals to intimate acoustic renditions and other specialty versions, each track carries something dear to me, reflecting my journey and personal growth.

Above all, my deepest hope and prayer is that my music and story resonates with you. I aim to inspire and uplift, encouraging you to deal with the things that’ve been holding you back. Remember, you are worthy of every dream, every aspiration. So I invite you to walk the path with me and discover what’s possible within each of us as I keep writing and sharing my journey with you one note, one song, and one story at a time.

LUKE 1:37
For with God nothing shall be impossible.


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