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"I'm releasing new music every two weeks in 2024. Be on the look out!"

“After You” is the first of 26 releases, in 2024, you can anticipate from Nashville based singer-songwriter, Erath Old. In this emotionally charged acoustic rendition Erath paints a picture of a relationship on the edge, where one person tirelessly pursues the other despite the odds. The haunting beauty of “After You” lies in its portrayal of love’s complexities – the unspoken pleas, the relentless chase, and the yearning for reconciliation. It speaks volumes about love’s resilience and the unyielding pursuit of a cherished connection. Inspired by Erath’s own personal struggles it’s a narrative that resonates deeply with anyone who’s grappled with the fragility of love and the fervent desire to salvage what’s slipping away. “After You” finds its place among songs that celebrate raw emotions, heartache, and the intricate dance between holding on and letting go. It’s a perfect fit for playlists focusing on acoustic ballads, love’s complexities, and soulful-storytelling.

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