27 09, 2015

Video Release Party @ Workplay Interview

“Hey y’all” is a common phrase used by many. It beckons the hard at work like, “Hey y’all food’s ready!” or “Hey are y’all doing ok today?” Erath Old, on the other hand, derives a deeper message from this very simple phrase. In Old’s newest single, “Hey y’all,” the message is to not take yourself

9 09, 2015

HELP us with the “Hey Y’all [Official Music Video]” LAUNCH!

After almost 8 months of planning, shooting, editing, and playing countless gigs (in order to scrape together enough cash) we've finally finished the video. Now for the hard part! Sharing it with the WORLD! The release is SEPT 30th at 1pm. Everyone who has put their heart and soul into this project; the actors, friends,